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The PR Boutique

 Gretchen Brice, Founding Partner, Austin

What types of companies or industries does your agency specialize in?

Our team is drawn to innovative and forward-thinking companies. We enjoy working with real estate, hospitality, travel and tourism, consumer lifestyle, retail, and health and wellness clientele.

What are the core capabilities of your agency? In what areas does your agency have the most experience?

As a full-service public relations agency, we specialize in media relations, social media management, brand partnerships, event management, crisis communication, influencer programming, philanthropic positioning, content creation, and internal and external communications. Our partner and sister agency, TradeCraft, specializes in advertising and digital marketing, allowing us to meet our clients’ needs at every possible touchpoint. 

How would you describe your company’s culture?

We are pioneers, risk-takers, and forward-thinkers. Our agency team members are expertly matched with our clients. As a proud female-founded company with deep Texas roots, we value a live/ work lifestyle, flexible schedules, and love a good team happy hour.

How have the events of the past year changed the way you work with clients?

With offices in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, we’re fortunate to have a state-wide network to help capitalize on Texas’ immense growth in the past year. Our roster recently has grown exponentially with clients moving to Texas, and with our team’s Texas roots and deep understanding of the market, we are able to guide our clients on how to become brand pillars in the Lone Star State. 

How do you get to know your clients and determine the best strategies to help their business grow?

We find we’re most successful when we consider ourselves an extension of our client’s brand. By positioning ourselves as an in-house public relations team rather than consultants, we’re able to better shape and grow the client’s mission and achieve major goals.

What is your primary objective in working with your clients?

Combining a mix of methodical media relations, social media management, events, and philanthropic positioning to transform our clients into landmark brands. 

Gretchen Brice, Founding Partner, Austin

The PR Boutique

(512) 363-5160

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