Things I Have Learned by Being a Business Coach

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By Amy House

Photography by Ismael Rodriquez


1. Learn to manage money. How you treat your personal finances will indicate how successful you will be managing your business finances. Understand how “pink tax” affects you. Change your perception that a budget is restrictive. A budget is actually a tool of freedom; freedom from worry, freedom to enjoy, freedom to plan and dream. Adjust your mindset from scarcity to abundance and be willing to begin using money as a tool. Wealth building is not about greed. It is about security and having the ability to share with others.

2. Every action does pay off. It just may not pay off in the next month or year. In training salespeople, we talk a lot about 90-day sales cycles. We discuss short sales cycles and long sales cycles. We visit about the difference between “herds of buffaloes” or “taking the whale.” Too many of us operate with only instant gratification in mind. We want “whales” but only give projects or relationships the attention of a “gnat.” Learn to play a long game. Change your idea of success to allow for the celebration of the DOING versus only celebrating the result.

3. There is no such thing as failure. Even when I have coached a client that completely changes direction – they end a business, launch something new, completely leave an old career for a new one…those pivots do not indicate a failure. They learned valuable skills. They built powerful networks of people. They dealt with difficult situations that make them creative problem solvers. There is no such thing as failure.

4. If you want to move faster, learn to accept feedback. Feedback is not a critique but rather an adjustment. Coaches help athletes perfect their form, increase their strength and improve their timing. Those tweaks are not about being critical; they are about helping athletes make necessary adjustments. Feedback is all about adjustments. Take it. Think about it. Glean what will work for you. Then make necessary adjustments. I always tell my clients…. breathe, give it 24 hours, then decide.

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