Freshening Your Interiors for Spring

Courtney Balsam interior designer san antonio texas spring design

By Courtney Balsam

Spring is here, and since we have been at home more over this past year, we could all use a little change of scenery. Sprucing up our homes and creating rooms that exude hope and happiness are a top priority. Simple solutions to create inspiring spaces are adding light fixtures, cabinet hardware, wallpaper, window treatments, art, and accessories. Each of these components should work together to enhance the overall feeling and design of your space.


Decorative chandeliers and lamps not only add an additional layer of lighting but also provide a new layer of style. Known as ambient lighting, decorative light fixtures can elevate the mood and drama of a room. These decorative elements also add height to a space, bringing your eye up to achieve interest at different levels. 

Pro Tip: Pay close attention to scale and proportion when selecting fixtures.


Wallpaper can add depth and dimension to a room. Common rooms where wallcoverings can provide a big impact are Bathrooms, Dining, and Laundry Rooms. These areas typically don’t have soft goods such as upholstery and fabrics that add pattern & texture. Wallcoverings in these spaces provide an additional element of design. 

Pro Tip: Don’t forget about the fifth wall…the ceiling!

Window Treatments

Fabric drapery panels or shades can add height and softness. This luxe layer can put the finishing touch on any space to make it feel complete. 

Pro Tip: Window Treatments don’t have to impede your view. You can add stationary panels to give the illusion of fully functioning curtains. This cuts down on fabric while still framing your windows.


Cabinet Hardware is like jewelry for your cabinetry. Recent trends have shown larger hardware used as statement pieces. 

Pro Tip: Make sure the hardware coordinates with other design elements of the space, such as plumbing and lighting fixtures.


Art helps elevate the eye in a space. It can balance heavy pieces such as large sofas or consoles. Art can also reinforce a color scheme to keep your eye moving around the room. Wall decor such as metal sculptures or baskets are nice to add height and texture in a space that may not support an actual art piece. 

Pro Tip: Small art pieces can help fill bookshelves or side tables.


Accessories are the key to making a room look magazine-worthy. Creating vignettes of unique items that speak to your personality and lifestyle is essential to creating a finished look. Colorful books in various sizes can add height and weight to an otherwise simple accessory. Pairs or small groupings of items keep things interesting and the eye moving. 

Pro Tip: Greenery is a neutral. Plants, flowers, or other natural elements are always a great addition to a space. 

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Courtney Balsam received her degree in Interior Design from Baylor University. She is a Registered Interior Designer in the state of Texas and has been practicing residential design for 16 years

Office: (210) 816-7052


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