Laura Salaburu – Wells Fargo Advisors, Vice President – Investments


If 2020 has shown us anything, it is that change is an expected constant. For this reason, the need to adapt to any and all changes in the lives of my clients is foundational to helping them reach their long term goals. I believe that maintaining a long term focus remains important. I also believe that personal care and attention I am committed to providing my clients better enables them to absorb these same headlines. I help my clients develop a sound investment plan, and together we remain focused on that plan.

Service is so very important. As a Financial professional, I see my role in taking care of my clients as being both their financial coach and advocate for all that is in their best interest. I believe this is one reason why so many of the relationships I have formed through the years have chosen to work with me as their full service financial advisor.

I work with many types of clients. I assist both divorced and widowed women, families, and business owners with a wide range of products and services that include business retirement and transition plans.

My investment discipline requires me to first truly know and understand what is in the best long term interest in the lives of my clients. That is why any investment plan that is put in place needs to be an appropriate plan that is both nimble and transparent. Developing a plan also requires an in-depth explanation of the costs and the potential risks and benefits of different investment structures.

Every client is different in their needs, life goals, legacy and dreams – both financial and non-financial, and I strive to maintain an equal focus on costs, transparency and appropriateness regarding the unique products and services that make up any long term investment plan.

My clients are of the utmost importance to me. I know this is easily said, but it is my philosophy, and the influence and relationships with my clients that guides me in my profession. With over 20+ years in the industry, I have seen and navigated many market cycles, walked with my clients through dramatic and even sudden family events, and helped families and business owners plan for their dreams. As a tenured and experienced female advisor, I believe I also have a unique ability to assist widows, divorced women and female business owners in a very unique way.


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