SPOTLIGHT: Amy House – Business Coach

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AMY HOUSE business coach growin out loud darlin'

San Antonio Woman asked Business Coach and Vlogger Amy House how she helps business owners, executives and teams find the best in business and life.

What career path led you to where you are today?

I originally earned my Masters to provide counseling in private practice. However, I discovered that my love for the business would lead me into the corporate arena leading teams, providing training programs, and coordinating communications for strategic growth.

Tell us about your business and how you help companies to grow.

Growin’ Out Loud Darlin’ LLC has been providing business owners and business teams with consulting for strategic growth and executive coaching for over five years. Training and workshops allow us to provide business, teams, and industries with hands-on learning

and skills to implement immediately with impact. We also utilize our expertise in marketing and public relations to help businesses and leaders get their services and products seen on the most cost effective platforms.

What trends have you seen in business coaching that has been helpful to your clients?

I do not think it is a trend; just the core reason my clients seek a business coach. I find that business owners and executives all seek accountability. They are the biggest risk-takers in any

organization. Growth, however, is always scary. By utilizing a coach or a consultant, they create accountability and additional ‘skin in the game’ to move the needle and achieve goals and

growth necessary for business success. A coach provides a business owner with extra push, feedback, encouragement and problem-solving ideas.

What do you like best about your job?

The best part of what I do is watching others celebrate the success THEY achieve. The coaching process unlocks so much more than just hitting a sales goal. It can help a business leader create

a powerful business culture. It can inspire personal growth. It can lead to new ideas and innovation. I find my client’s fulfillment in their experience to be the most rewarding part of my business.


Growin’ Out Loud Darlin’ LLC


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