FASHION: Summer 2020 Trends


Summer 2020 Trends

If you are like me, vacations are canceled, and we are sitting at home kissing those beautiful destinations goodbye . for a good reason. Getting used to the new normal post-COVID includes finding peace and relaxation in our hometown or safely beach-side as we would if we were in Mexico or Greece. Say hello to these summer 2020 timeless fashion trends that will transport your “staycation” to those beautiful destinations as you say good-bye to your quarantine sweatpants. Imagine a spicy margarita in your hand as you venture with me to the most amazing summer trends for your poolside or beach getaway.


As Texans, any lightweight and breathable fabric has always been our go-to for beating the summer heat. Any tailored trouser has my heart, but LINEN tailored trousers are a great staple piece for your summer wardrobe to look smart and effortless. Any monochromatic outfit looks very on point and as if you put a lot of thought into it.

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STYLE TIP: For an elevated lunch look, try pairing a silk camisole with some linen trousers both of the same color range, and a great pair of wedges! Linen is where comfort meets chic. Versatile clothing means so much for me and many women on vacation. Clothes become less to worry about when you have multiple pieces that you can wear more than once in different outfits.

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Vacation is a great time to play with bright colors if you’re not totally comfortable to add it into your daily wear. Flowy fabrics or puffy sleeves including a pop of color are wonderful if you’re into bold statement pieces. Zimmerman has the dreamiest collection for your summer wardrobe. New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer was all about these impeccable pastel neon pieces.

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STYLE TIP: Unfortunately, we don’t live on a runway in New York so how do we incorporate bright colors into real life while maintaining a tasteful and chic vibe? Start with a small colorful bag or a pair of really fun bright shoes. Morgan Stewart via Instagram @morganstewart shows a tasteful way to add a pop of color in her Chanel Spring/Summer 2020 Apple Green sling-backs.

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One of the beautiful trends this summer are small touches of the 70s. Instead of calling it a “trend”, let’s forever embrace it because it is truly timeless… even if your pool party or BBQ is only a party of 10 due to the current circumstances. I am all for versatile clothing, especially on when relaxation mode is ON.

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STYLE TIP: Wearing a one-piece bathing suit paired with a skirt or shorts are both quick ways to look put together in a matter of minutes. Pack a lightweight dress that can be used as a cover-up, a swimsuit that is so soft yet durable enough to wear as a bodysuit under linen shorts, or a cute beach bag that doubles as an on the go bag when you’re running errands. You will have more time to relax and unwind while looking effortless, rather than overpacking and overthinking.


This year has been all about layering dainty yellow gold jewelry rather than one large statement piece. Herringbone necklaces and bracelets are all the rage, being layered one on top of the other creates a shiny soft glow in the summer sun. Tube hoop earrings are back in style and will be staying here for a good while as they are such a great earring for every type of outfit.

STYLE TIP: Don’t be afraid to layer, layer, layer! This current jewelry trend is a great way to start investing in your gold jewelry.

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