Scroggins Advisory Strategies

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Scroggins Advisory Strategies


What is the most important advice you are giving your clients about navigating the current COVID-19 financial crisis?

Community is so important in any crisis situation. Talk about what’s on your mind and build a strong network of people you can depend on. People need people to lean on for advice, not only financial, but more importantly, emotional support and advice. Staying positive and worrying about the things we can control will get us through these trying times. There’s a lot of opportunity right now to take action and I am excited to see what innovation is ahead once we begin to work together as a community.


What types of clients do you work with?

Helping clients build strategies toward meeting their goals is extremely rewarding, especially when it comes to retirement planning. Having retired over 250 families has allowed me to share my knowledge with others and help them learn how to navigate their future by anticipating needs they may not have thought about before.


What is your investment philosophy?

The foundation of what we do best is educate clients so they feel confident about making sound financial decisions. Our actions create the trust necessary to build life long relationships with our clients.


What do you love about your job?

We truly care, and have a way of eliminating your biggest fears. Whatever you wish to accomplish, we are your biggest advocate guiding you in this important journey in life. It’s not just about the money, it’s about the relationships we build along the way-it’s all about YOU!


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