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Expert San Antonio Hairstylist Melody Edens shares her top tips for gorgeous hair all year round and stunning looks for every occasion.


How long have you been a hairstylist?
I have been doing hair for 39 years and have owned my own salon for 24 years, including my current one, Melody Edens Salon, which is celebrating its 10th year this June. Twenty-three years ago, I became a Board-Certified Hair colorist.

1F2A4901What styles would you recommend for looking cute at hot outdoor events?
A lofty ponytail is most women’s go-to in heat and humidity. Dress it up by combing a humidity-defying foam through the front and create a low side parting. Section out the hair on top of the head from that parting and clip out of the way. Sweep the rest of the hair to the crown and secure with an elastic. That top section can now be braided or combed smooth across the head and back toward your ponytail. Wrap the ends around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin. For shorter hair, part it to the side. Pull back the side with less hair and secure with a fun clip. Spray hair with a beachy waves spray like Melody Making Waves and Scrunch.

1F2A4929What are you favorite looks for fancy evening occasions?
The chignon is always an elegant choice. Update the look with some texture. Begin by spraying the hair with a dry texturizing spray first to add grip and volume. Part the hair from top of the head to the ear on both sides. Brush hair from behind the ears into a low bun and secure with an elastic. Twist or braid the remaining hair on each side, sweep back and crisscross it over the chignon. Secure as needed and spray with a humidity resistant hairspray.

Which hair colors are popular this season?
Hair color trends should be personalized to enhance the client’s beauty. Like other things in our society, we are noticing a polarizing effect in natural-looking hair color with blondes trending lighter and 1F2A4830brunettes trending deeper. Fashion colors, also known as pop colors, are still popular with our dramatic hair color clients. The popular gray trend is an outcome of faded cool-tone fashion shades.

Do you have any insider tips on maintaining healthy, beautiful hair?
Use a shampoo that is in the 4.5 to 5.5 pH range. Just as a low salt diet is beneficial for one’s health, the same goes for your hair. Sodium Chloride, also known as table salt, is used as a thickener in many shampoos. It is drying to the hair and hastens color fading. All Melody shampoos are salt-free. Once a week, use a clarifying shampoo in that same pH range followed by a deep conditioning treatment designed for your hair type. This will rid hair of dulling mineral deposits, add strength, and moisture for maximum beauty and performance. In San Antonio’s South Texas climate, it is especially important to protect hair color with a leave-in conditioner. Elixir 11 protects with sunscreens and contains fatty acids that are proven to extend color by 40%

Are there any products you use for your hair?
Through my connection with a cosmetic chemist, I now carry my own line of haircare products that are salt free and sulfate free, using the newest chemistry and the finest ingredients that are natural and safe. These Melody haircare products are what I use and recommend.


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