Embracing Technology

Technology can sometimes seem daunting to use, to the point that it may overwhelm us. Once you understand the products that are available and how they can fit your needs, technology can be helpful in many ways.




Let’s face it, these days technology rules over all we do. With its introduction into our everyday lives, it is meant to make life easier to help things run more smoothly. Technology has pretty much become a person’s virtual “right-hand man” with all of the different types of gadgets that are available. With the number of products on the market and the changes that come with them, there seems to be two types of individuals: those who embrace technology and those who shy away from it. Those who do shy away when it comes to technology do so out of the complexity factor and the questions that are associated with it. How does it work, how do I choose the right product for me, and what do I need? And the biggest concerns of them all: what do I do when something goes wrong, and how do I fix it?

You might be reluctant to take full advantage of all the ways technology can help, and you’re not alone. Part of the fear of technology is not knowing all that is out there and what exactly it can do for you. The following list contains a few products available to help you navigate your day-to-day tasks.

1) The Jitterbug Smartphone’s design caters to specific needs for seniors. It contains a larger screen and a simple list-based menu rather than the picture icons you typically see on other smartphones. Voice typing is available to make text messaging easier, and a front-facing speaker provides more ease with listening during conversations.

2) Reminder Rosie is a voice-activated talking clock, which tells you when to complete a task such as taking your medicine or feeding your pet. You program it for the specific time
you want to schedule your task, and once you receive your notification, you can touch it to turn it off much like an alarm clock, or you can use voice commands.

3) MedMinder is another helpful tool used for reminders, but this one solely focuses on providing reminders for taking medication. This digital pill dispenser might be helpful if you’re required to take many medications throughout the day and allows other family members access to ensure you’re taking what you need. Family can also be helpful with the set up of the device, which has the look of a regular seven-day dispenser. They can add voice activation as part of the reminders if you happen to forget a medication.

4) Wireless Charging Pads let you charge your cell phone’s battery in a simple and convenient way. These small disc-looking objects work by laying your phone on the pad to begin charging. And with them resembling coasters, they can also look like décor around your home. When shopping for one, make sure to verify that it is compatible with the model of your phone.

5) Smartwatches put the time, texting, calling capabilities, timers, physical fitness tracking, and other app updates all on your wrist. A smartwatch provides a more convenient way to stay connected with its smaller size versus the larger cell phone. They are also a great way to encourage physical activity. Different brands and sizes are available based on your budget, and you can also choose to utilize the various features as much or as little as you would like to fit your needs and comfort level when it comes to usage.

6) Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frames can allow you to “see” your family through photos. You can set up the frame in your home, and loved ones can easily share their memories by sending pictures directly from their phones. The entertaining feature of this device is that photos can be shared instantaneously while the event is taking place, which is especially helpful if the family lives out of town.

When shopping around for items, ask plenty of questions regarding how they work and what you can do to troubleshoot any problems you might run into. The retail store Best Buy, known for selling all types of tech merchandise, has staff on hand to help and answer questions related to any products. Their website states their Geek Squad offers support no matter where or when you purchased your product.

These are just a few products available, and the important thing to remember is to think of technology as an aid. You want to find those products that will make life a little easier so that you can focus more on what is important to you.


By Jennifer O’Neill

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