New Heights Dental & Braces, A Wellness Center

Daniel A. Riley, DMD

What are your primary goals in patient care?

Our goals are always to have patients keep their teeth for a lifetime, so that they are looking and feeling great.

How do you approach preventative dentistry?

An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure. Patient education is vital in understanding and preventing issues. Oral disease (cavities and gum disease) is the most common disease in the world…and it is preventable. We believe in preventive dentistry so strongly that we now have a whole center dedicated to prevention, thus our brand – New Heights Dental, A Wellness Center.

How do you approach patients with dental anxiety?

We establish rapport and develop a relationship with the patient so that they know we are in the treatment together. We all suffer from anxiety, so sharing my story and hearing theirs helps us learn about the source of the anxiety, allowing us to tailor the treatment to meet the patient’s specific needs. We can provide Nitrous Oxide and the use of anti-anxiety medications, which can progress to conscious sedation if needed.

Are treatment plans discussed up-front and cost estimates given?

Patient education is very important to all the staff at New Heights Dental. Our treatment planning approach is patient centric utilizing intra-oral images magnified, which then allows the patient to co-discover their oral health. The patient is very involved in the treatment plan, which allows us to then to discuss finances including insurance contributions before any treatment is performed.


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