Light It Up!

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What is the quickest way to update your home? Lighting! This underrated design element can add a pop to even the most humdrum of spaces.

Lighting is the perfect area to incorporate additional design styles. In a home with more traditional furnishings and style, you can bring in some modern lighting choices to create a more dramatic atmosphere, while still having a soft and inviting feel. Lighting can also help any space in your home feel more distinct and artistic while being functional and beautiful. It is important to have a collection of lighting that is coordinated, but not “matchy-matchy”.

Lighting is for every space in your home! With such a variety of options, from dramatic sputnik chandeliers to sleek floor lamps to sconces adorned with soft shades, you are sure to find an option to coordinate with your décor.

Quick Tips:

• Dimmers: Dimmer switches are a great way to control your decorative and recessed can lights. With all the changes in bulbs these days, you need to be able to control light levels.

• Toe kick lighting: Installing LED tape lights to your bath vanity toe kick provides a soft night light for those middle of the night bathroom trips. (These are great on a dimmer switch.)

• Bulb color: The color we specify most often for our decorative lighting is 3000K (3,000 Kelvin) because it is not too blue and not too yellow. It is just the perfect white.

By Julie Bradshaw
Bradshaw Design


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