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Holiday Trends from San Antonio’s Jewelry Designers

When it comes to baubles, most San Antonio women find that bigger is always better. That still applies in the winter months when charity balls are a-plenty and holiday soirees are every other evening. We talked to two of San Antonio’s top names in jewelry to find out how they are dressing women in diamonds this season, and what to look for when you’re making your Christmas list. Victoria Steele, a sales associate with Penaloza and Sons, says earrings with movement are huge right now. “Anything that dangles, whether it’s modest or large statement pieces, are hugely popular,” she said. “We also love long necklaces for layering that are versatile. The best options are pieces that can be changed to match different outfits and occasions, like necklaces with hidden catches or toggle clasps.” Steele also suggested staying away from soft, fragile stones when selecting holiday jewelry. “There will be a lot going on at holiday parties and it’s easy to damage your piece if you’re busy having fun,” she said. “Rubies, diamonds, and black, faceted stones like black diamonds or black spinel are very popular right now and will stand the test of time.” Jill Moretti of Moretti’s Fine Jewelry is also seeing thoughtfully-designed pieces selling well in their store. “Jewelry that stretches is a big trend right now,” she said. “Rings that will expand over large knuckles and contract once on, or go from finger to finger, no matter the size, and bracelets that expand and contract over your hand, no clasp necessary, are very popular.”

As for shopping for the holidays, however, she suggests matching your outfit to your jewelry instead of the other way around. “If your jewelry collection is predominately white gold or platinum or yellow gold, choose an outfit with metallic color elements to coordinate with that jewelry,” said Moretti. “If you happen to have a necklace of multi-color Tahitian pearls, choose a spectacular color outfit to enhance the color of the pearls.” Rightfully so, both Moretti and Steele have favorite pieces in their personal collections and their stores to catch anyone’s eye. For Moretti, it’s a pair of rose gold and diamond earrings by the latest addition to their designer lineup, Melissa Kaye. In Steele’s case, she favors a custom designed butterfly bracelet featuring mixed metals and diamonds. In both instances, their holiday jewelry makes an elegant statement, which is exactly how we think San Antonio women prefer it.

1. Expandable “stretch” ring by Picchotti, $23,000, available at Moretti’s.
2. Pebble shape diamond dangle earrings, $2,830, at Peñaloza & Sons.
3. One-of-a-Kind butterfly bracelet, $9,900, only at Peñaloza & Sons.
4. Flower design diamond pendant and chain, $6,300. Layered below is a 36” DBY necklace, $4,000, both at Peñaloza & Sons.
5. Expandable “stretch” bracelet by Robert Procop, $53,900, at Moretti’s.

Aquila Mendez-Valdez
Fashion & Beauty Editor

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