What Makes San Antonio Charming

san antonio riverwalk

Many of us were excited to see CNN’S selection of San Antonio as the most charming city in the South, which was revealed last week. Of course, San Antonio is charming. By definition, charming is pleasant, attractive, fascinating, delightful and appealing. When I think of charming, I think of places like Commonwealth Coffee House, Bird Bakery, La Villita Arts Village, Hotel Emma, The Pearl, the Majestic Theater, and Southtown….to name just a few. CNN agreed with some, but specifically mentioned the Riverwalk, Ocho, Jazz TX, St. Anthony’s Hotel, the Alamo, Southtown, and The Pearl…all good choices.

Yet, when I think of San Antonio as charming, I think of the synonyms endearing, likable, and appealing. There is something warm and fuzzy about the word charming which is much more than our exciting night life.

What is endearing to me about this vibrant city would be the people. Unlike most major cities, San Antonio still has a small-town-feel to it because of the people. Today, we remain a multi-cultural community of really nice, loving individuals.

My days are filled with charming touches from people like:

1. The smiling staff of workers at my Five Star Cleaners on Thousand Oaks near Jones Maltsberger.

2. Sam, the sacker at HEB, who takes such care to properly sack my groceries and always asks how life is treating me.

3. Anna, my nail technician from Mexico, who is so proud to be an American and resident of our city where she has raised two children.

4. Esther, my hair stylist from Panama, who has become a dear friend over the years.

5. Stephanie at Dillards North Star, who proves customer service with a smile and attention to detail still pays off.

6. Gerald, my neighbor who literally oversees the needs of those on the street around him.

7. Marilyn, a single mother and small business owner who has persevered through challenges and finds joy in her work on a daily basis, as she also serves the community needs in her spare time.

These are examples of people who give back with good service and smiles. I love it when those who provide services become friends, as they do with so many of us here. It is charming and worthy of recognition.

Pamela Lutrell
San Antonio Women, Editor in Chief

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