At Home: Much More Than a Pumpkin

Holiday Décor an integral part of the home



When Keith and Cindy Booke relocated eight years ago from Inwood to Terrell Hills, they were in search of a location closer to their daughter’s school and, above all, a family home where memories could be made. The European-style home was stunning in itself; however, Cindy decided she would create the warmth and family memories through entertaining and holiday décor, which changes throughout the year.

athome4“We celebrate autumn, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Fiesta and Easter with decorations throughout our home,” says Cindy. She turns to Cheri Stith and Jamie Weyand of Feather, Fluff, and Flings, 219 Hillview, for assistance with the elaborate décor. “I love to help families make memories for their children and friends,” Stith says. “We really are about feathering the nest, and clients like the Bookes are so much fun, since they allow us to bring our ideas into their home.”

For example, the family loved it when Stith suggested the main part of décor feature autumn, while the children’s area be predominantly Halloween, all at the same time. With so much fun happening around holiday décor, it would be wrong not to share the home, so the Bookes are known for the events they host throughout the year. Stith and Weyand will annually update the pumpkins and autumn leaves with the latest decorating trends they discover while going to market. This year a few more feathers were added to the mix after their trip.

athome2Christmas decorating happens the Monday after Thanksgiving and is a two-day event. There are four Christmas trees throughout the house — one very girly-daughter tree, one Santa tree, one TCU tree (for Keith’s media room) and one tree that prominently displays Cindy’s collections. “I love collecting crystal,” she says. “On the living room tree, I can enjoy my Waterford, Swarovski and crystal ornaments collected from my travels around the world.” Two more evergreens welcome guests to the patio area and a walk along the pool and tennis court.

Stith, Weyand and Cindy agree the importance of holiday décor is to create a strong sense of “home” for the family. They all see adult children decorating and finding joy in the decorations, as they one day will have their own homes and families.  Somehow the decorations create a sense of stability and comfort, something always there and deeply missed if for some unforeseen reason they do not happen. Cindy said, “We look forward to them every year and would not do holidays without celebrating in our home.” In fact, she is considering adding July Fourth to the mix.


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