Stay-Slim Ways to Holiday-Proof Your Diet

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There are probably lots of things you’ll enjoy this holiday season — time with friends and loved ones, frivolity and merrymaking, maybe even a special gift or two — but most certainly you don’t want to expand your waistline and carry unwanted pounds into the New Year. Registered dietitian, nutrition communications and wellness consultant and […]

Celebrity Brews –Surprisingly, they’re pretty good

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The days of Bruce Willis singing about Seagram’s wine coolers and not caring about quarterly projections are now being replaced with celebrity owners taking a major role in the spirit business. I have been fortunate enough to try a lot of the products in the market and have to report that most of these are […]

The Monterey Serving up irreverence along with imaginative food

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We can thank El Monty, as the restaurant is known by its familiars, for forcing us to endure San Antonio’s sweltering summers (and its attendant mosquitoes) out of doors — as that’s where most of the seating is at this otherwise extremely intimate (and willfully nonconformist) restaurant. We can also nod appreciatively toward a menu […]

San Antonio – A City on the Rise

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What makes a city like San Antonio, Texas great? Some would argue that it is the accessibility to art and culture, while others will state that the cost of living and weather make a city desirable. Whatever you believe, most people will agree that a great city needs to be forward-thinking as it finds a […]

Color the holidays with style

  Trends in Fashion and Makeup The future looks bright and gem-colored for the holidays. Julian Gold’s vice president of marketing, Courtney Percy, says stylish women will be transitioning fall trends that translate right into the holidays: “There’s lots of color, lots of orange, pinks across the board ranging from pastel to fuchsia, blues and […]