Cellulite Alert: Spaced out by “lunar landscape”?

Oh, you may know it as “cottage cheese,” “orange peel” or “mattress” syndrome, all referring to the mini-craters of dimpled skin. Yes, we’re talking about cellulite — the dreaded fat-filled cells clumping around your thighs, abdomen, buttocks and other body areas.

Cellulite is a condition wherein fat, water and other materials are trapped in the connective tissue pockets under the skin, causing the fat tissue to swell. As collagen is produced around these fat cells, the connective tissue hardens. These fat cells don’t receive any nutrition or waste removal, so they reorganize into nodules, making the cellulite visible.

And there’s a dirty little secret attached to cellulite: Although drinking lots of water, diet and exercise can play a part in the appearance or extent of the lumpiness, even thin people can have it. That’s because heredity absolutely contributes to this ‘lunar’ effect. Great.

For eons, scientists and others from the medical and cosmetic communities have been seeking a solution for these unwanted, unattractive mini-craters in the skin. Between 85 and 98 percent of post-pubertal females of all races display some degree of cellulite, but it is more common in Caucasian women.

Guess what? Along with childbearing, monthly cycles and other hormone-related events, women are prone to skin dimpling because of differences in the way fat, muscle and connective tissue are distributed in our bodies. But wait … there’s more. Although hormones play a role in fat distribution, hormone therapy cannot be used to treat cellulite. BUMmer.

Medical research indicates that a low-fat diet won’t shrink a localized fatty lump. And, to date, no dietary supplements containing various herbs, extracts and oils used to prevent cell damage or to break down fats have been proven effective on cellulite. That’s because metabolism, cell damage and circulation are not easily measured. These supplements are not subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

If you are mad at cellulite, and you’re not going to take it any longer, here are some methods used to treat this problem and some places in town where you’ll find them.


Developed in France in the 1980s to help soften scar tissue, endermologie has been practiced in the United States with FDA approval for over a decade. Many who received the treatment noticed observable reduction of body dimensions and skin improvement.

Endermologie combines suction and dual rollers to create an even skin fold that allows three-dimensional stimulation. Skin-rolling therapeutic maneuvers are used for each part of the body. Reported to feel similar to massage therapy, endermologie does not break the skin. A body suit is worn for modesty and to reduce contact with the skin, eliminating any irritation. Twice-a-week sessions lasting about 45 minutes each are needed initially, with a recommendation of 15 to 18 treatments.

Changes usually occur after six to seven treatments. Some people have reported they’ve experienced changes in their circulatory system (feeling more invigorated), they’re retaining water, clothes fit a little more loosely, and their skin feels tighter. Depending upon the severity of cellulite, lifestyle, age and weight, results and costs will vary.

For a free evaluation and free first session


Cellulite Reduction Clinic

(210) 269-1545.

Clinica Diana

(210) 495-9950.


Relatively new to the United States, this treatment is performed by only a handful of physicians here who are expertly trained and qualified. Developed in France by a Dr. Pistor, this technique has been practiced there since 1950.

Since cellulite tissue is dense, very little blood can flow through, making the area a sort of “dead area.” The idea of mesotherapy is to smooth the area by removing the fat cells. This is accomplished by a series of small injections, using a very thin needle containing a “cocktail” of medications such as vitamins, supplements and other ingredients that act to burn off fat.

Mesotherapy is a safe, simple, noninvasive procedure with no recovery time and only mild discomfort. Treatments usually last less than 30 minutes. The number of treatments and costs depend on the size of the targeted area and possibly other factors. Although the procedure is progressive, many patients see results after the first visit. The results can be permanent, if the recipient refrains from gaining a lot of weight, which produces fat cells.

Sources for mesotherapy:

Genesis Medical Spa, Dr. Czekij,

(210) 687-1772.

The Weight Loss Institute,

José Reyes, M.D., (210) 694-5800.


This equipment produces a vibration that transfers energy from the platform to the individual. The body automatically adjusts to the vibrations of mechanical stimulus, which produces a stretch reflex and causes muscles to contract vigorously 30 to 50 times per second. Collagen increases, making the skin much more supple and tight.

Use of the PowerPlate technique is said to help you achieve greater results and hormonal production than traditional training methods in less time. In addition, this vibration is reputed to cause improved muscle strength, range of motion, bone density and blood and lymph circulation.

Available at Wellness Studio SA,

(210) 342-8012.


This procedure is billed as a revolutionary new treatment proven to reduce and even eliminate cellulite, remove localized fat deposits, contour the body and tighten your skin in less time than other methods.

VelaSMOOTH® is a laser-like device combining a bipolar radio-frequency wave, a laser light and a mechanical massage to heat and break up the fat. This procedure also mobilizes the water from the tissues to safely and effectively shrink and re-contour the skin’s surface, specifically where problem cellulite areas occur. It works on all skin types, is painless, requires no downtime, diet or change to normal activities. FDA approval is pending.

Aesthetic Options Medical Spa
(210) 858-6868.
Well-Power Health Center
(210) 545-4060.

According to the spa literature, this is the most complete and efficient treatment of cellulite offered today. The treatment is specific to the waistline and below, reducing cellulite by increasing cellular activity at the site. By increasing cellular function, fluid in the tissues, the main source of cellulite, is reduced.

Available at Woodhouse Day Spa
(210) 822-8800

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