Month: July 2015

Jelynne LeBlanc-Burley: Ready For the Future

Jelynne LeBlanc-Burley helps CPS Energy meet 21st century goals While most of us were relaxing during the last Memorial Day weekend, Jelynne LeBlanc-Burley spent a great deal of time cooped up inside the CPS Energy Emergency Management Center, following weather reports and guiding the company’s response to potentially dangerous developments caused by the storms. Emergencies are part of her job. LeBlanc-Burley is the executive vice president and chief delivery officer for CPS Energy, San Antonio’s municipally owned utility that supplies electricity and natural gas to a total of 1.1 million customers in the greater San Antonio area. “I understand...

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Raising Grandchildren: Three San Antonio Couples Discuss the Rewards and Sacrifices

According to AARP, 7.8 million American children live with relatives other than their parents, and5.8 million of those live with their grandparents. In fact, this number has been rising steadily over the past four decades and has attracted the attention of social scientists and various social agencies. In Bexar County, more than 18,000 grandparents have assumed the parental role. We have three real-life stories that are both sad and joyful — sad because the biological parents were either unable or unwilling to raise their own offspring but also heartwarming because loving grandparents stepped in, ready to sacrifice again for...

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Role Model Sara Helmy, Founder of Tribu Digital Agency

Connecting Clients To Millenials Age: 26 Why she’s a role model: Started her own successful business, Tribu Digital Agency, at the age of 22. Pays it forward by mentoring students at Boerne and Communication Arts High Schools throughout the year, helping them with capstone projects. Favorite travel: She and husband, Jason, have made trips to Alaska, Greece, Mexico and Colorado. “We take lots of vacations and weekend getaways because we work so hard,” she says. She credits her parents for her love of travel, especially trips they took to Egypt and Syria. Her role models: Her parents and many...

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Women in Business: Practitioners of Family Law

The term “family law” can be misleading. The ubiquitous minivan comes to mind, with its rear window’s stick figure parade of parents, kids and pets. Yet that simple representation belies the complexities that families face today. Rising divorce rates, working parents, increased gay marriages and the growing field of assisted reproduction confound family’s simple, traditional notion. These four women are leaders in family law, with a range of expertise in solving the numerous conflicts and issues that arise for the many varieties of today’s families. The two primary fields of family law, according to Christina Molitor, include “the issues...

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Head Up To Cowtown

Fort Worth is all grown-up Fort Worth has long been heralded as the place “where the West begins” and is often perceived as a little sister to Dallas, its neighbor to the east. In fact, back in the late 1800s, Fort Worth earned the nickname “Panther City” when, as legend has it, a local lawyer wrote that the town had become so quiet and drowsy that he saw a panther snoozing near the steps of the courthouse. Although the Panther City nickname stuck, today’s Fort Worth is anything but drowsy. The city is now bringing back the boom in...

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