Grace Uwizeye-Allen

Grace Uwizeye-Allen

  Role Model Grace Uwizeye-Allen Navigating Worlds Through Human Connection   By Michelle Vasquez  |  Photography by Suzanne Pack   Grace Uwizeye-Allen has mastered the art of etiquette and protocol, equipping her to navigate seamlessly across diverse social circles.   She has an innate ability to connect on a human level and transform any environment […]

Avani Gunuganti’s Journey


    Making a Difference with Empathy: Avani Gunuganti’s Journey by Michelle Vasquez   Avani Gunuganti, a senior at Saint Mary’s Hall High School, represents the future of the next generation, and the future is bright. As the co-founder of the AMMA Foundation, a breast cancer researcher, and an aspiring doctor, she does not shy […]

Role Model: Ashley Landers

Ashley Molton Landers

A Path to Success By Michelle Vasquez  |  Photography by Katie Clementson   Role models inspire with leadership by example, relentless pursuits of excellence, and a willingness to bring others along on their journey. Ashley Landers, CEO of Texas Creative, exemplifies all these qualities. Perhaps that is why she is one of San Antonio’s 40 […]

Role Model: Christina Jovana Olivarez

Christina Olivares desk web

By Michelle Vasquez Photography by Lucero Salinas Photography Role models come in many forms, but if you are looking for one with zest and verve, look no further. The Social Butterfly is a nickname that has followed Christina Jovana Olivarez around her entire life since childhood. Today, she is known as the Social Butterfly Gal, […]

Kristi Wyatt

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