Is this Normal? Breast Cancer

    Is this Normal? Breast Cancer   By Jillian Lopiano MD MPH FACOG Betty’s Co. Medical Director     Betty’s Co. is the next generation of integrative healthcare – providing gynecology, mental health, and healthy living care for the period-havers up to pregnancy-planners. Women’s health is surrounded by stigmas and taboo topics, often preventing […]

FEATURE STORY: Giving a Voice to the News for the Hispanic Community

Giving a Voice to the News for the Hispanic Community By Meredith Kay Photography by David Teran We are all bombarded with so many messages every single day that it is often hard to know who to trust about what is going on in our community and around the world. San Antonio’s Hispanic culture is […]

PROFILE: Jennifer Mansour – Broadway Bank

      Jennifer Mansour SVP and Commercial Lender Broadway Bank     As a seasoned banking industry leader, Jennifer Mansour brings more than 20 years of experience working with business professionals and building lasting local relationships that include trust and first-class customer service. A strong believer in supporting the local community, Jennifer has dedicated […]

GUY TO KNOW: Coach Jeff Traylor

Jeff Traylor UTSA Head Football Coach By Antonio Gutierrez Photography by David Teran What does UTSA head football coach Jeff Traylor have in common with Don Henley of the Eagles and platinum record seller Johnny Mathis? They all have their roots in small-town Gilmer, Texas, population just over 5,000, where Traylor is also a household […]