Four Interior Designers Share Their Stories

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For each of the business owners, interior design is not just a profession, it’s a passion. They make their living transforming houses into the personal, fabulous, unique spaces that their clients will call home.

Music for the Soul

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“I love tangos, rancheras — the traditional ones that are different from the mariachi rancheras — and other old folkloric ballads,” she says.

Role Model: Sarah Dressler of Skirt Effect

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A girl of almost any age knows the unbridled joy of spinning and twirling in a flowy, feminine skirt. For Sarah Dressler, there’s joy in a skirt and so much more — the kind of self-confidence, fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from a job well done.

Axelle Parker

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As the French wife of San Antonio Spur Tony Parker, Axelle Parker has every excuse to have her nose in the air.