Fundamentals for Choosing a Senior Care Residence


Details You’ll Want to Consider It is almost inevitable that one day you will hunt for a home to live out your years or help a senior relative to do so. Senior living communities or retirement communities provide three types of residential care – independent living, assisted living and memory care. To select the setting […]

Role Model: Resa Groff Wohlrabe

1RoleModel Resa

Artist & Teacher Designer of the 125th anniversary Fiesta Poster Imagine you are back in fourth grade and you are filling out a questionnaire about yourself, including your family, favorites and future aspirations. You come to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” You may look to your peers, spout […]

Anonymous Apps & Cyberbullying


The Bully without a Face When I hear the word “bully,” I think of kids who corner other kids in the hallways and steal their lunches. A bully is an in-your-face offender. You know what a bully looks like, and you try to avoid confrontations at all costs. With the rise of adolescent social media […]

Guys to Know: Rodney Gray

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President and CEO, Wave Healthcare LLC After a long career as a respiratory therapist, Rodney Gray founded Wave Healthcare in 2007 to provide services, equipment and education for families with children with serious respiratory problems. Today, Wave has offices in San Antonio, Lubbock, Temple, Dallas and Edinburg in the Rio Grande Valley. The company is […]