Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

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  By Sunita Punjabi, PhD   In my practice, I see so many children who are dealing with erratic behavior and even psychotic tendencies. Surprisingly, I found a common characteristic in these kids: playing high-contact sports at a young age. Now, I’m not saying that children should not participate in sports. The research shows that […]

Recognizing and Addressing Concussions

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  By David Avery, CEO Longhorn Imaging   Among the most insidious and often overlooked injuries are concussions. Recognizing the signs and ensuring proper diagnosis and treatment is crucial for the health and outcomes of injured people. This article will guide you through the key indicators of concussion, how to use simple screening tools like […]

Cover Woman Trish DeBerry

Trish DeBerry

    Taking Risks and Transforming Downtown By Dawn Robinette, APR  |  Photography by Suzanne Pack   If you haven’t been downtown lately, Trish DeBerry is rolling out the red carpet – and banners, fireworks, holiday lights, drone shows, and perhaps most importantly, parking and transportation options – to change that.   As President and […]

Centro: Creating a Safe, Vibrant Downtown San Antonio

Downtown San Antonio

  Ever wonder how downtown stays clean, vibrant, and energetic? It’s thanks to the efforts of Centro San Antonio, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the city’s public spaces.   Centro focuses on managing downtown’s public improvement district (PID), including San Antonio’s iconic, cultural, creative, and civic epicenters. Employees come together daily as placemaking agents […]

Transforming Your Kitchen: Insights from a Chef-Designer

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  By Cerissa LaToi McKinnis, The Dreamcaster  |  Photography by Michael McKinnis   Kitchens are my jam! They’re my favorite space to design. The bonus is that I’m a trained designer and chef. I have worked, lived, and cooked in many kitchens, noting what works well and what doesn’t. When I met the owners of […]