Teaching Caring and Compassion: Dr. Ruth Berggren

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Speaking to a group of fourth-year medical students at UT Health Science Center about HIV diagnosis and management, Dr. Ruth Berggren reviews basic knowledge about testing, therapy and disease transmission in different parts of the world, frequently interrupting herself to allow for questions. The nine fledgling doctors in the room are eager to participate. All […]

When To Call In Professional Organizers

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After “start exercising” and “stop smoking/drinking/ overeating,” “get organized” is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. No wonder — organizing the chaos in your home or office can foster a sense of calm and control, save money and time and reduce stress and frustration levels. According to a survey by the National Association […]

Trips Yield Treasures: Memories are the decor

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From the outside, Jim and Susanne Waters’ home looks like many other production homes on cul de sacs in north central San Antonio. It has a brick façade, neatly trimmed front yard and concrete driveway. What’s inside makes it unique. Jim and Susanne Waters’ home is filled with mementos from their travels to Mexico, the […]

Comfortable In Her Own Skin: Actress Cassandra Small

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It was perhaps preordained that actress Cassandra Small should portray the famed New Orleans voodoo priestess Marie Laveau in the upcoming musical Fire on the Bayou. Small says she has had “a strange history with Marie Laveau” ever since she impersonated her at the Zoobilation Ball back in 1993. She showed up in character with […]

Family Connections : Maricella Borroel

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When Maricella Borroel was getting ready to go off to boarding school for the first time, it was a gift from a family member that brought home how much her life was soon to change: “When my tia sent me a ski hat, I knew how different it was going to be — different climate, […]