Suzanne Wade – Groceries Are Her Business

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When Suzanne Wade visits an H-E-B store, she’s apt to be greeted several times a visit – even when the store is a hundred or more miles from home. As president of H-E-B’s San Antonio Food and Drug Division, she’s in charge of all retail sales for the company except for its Central Market and […]

Mothers of Invention: Three San Antonio women bring their inventions to life

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“Necessity is the mother of invention”— a cliché that explains how things come to be created or invented and introduced to the world. But here in San Antonio, it’s often mothers, housewives and businesswomen who are the actual “mothers of invention”— real-life women behind items you’ll see in stores nationwide and online, too. And it’s […]

New Beginnings: Three women who reinvented themselves tell their stories

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Many people spend a lifetime in unfulfilling jobs, too reluctant to change the status quo. If you are one of them, perhaps you’ll find inspiration in the stories of three San Antonio women who were brave enough to break with the old and move in a different direction. But first, you have to identify what […]

Downsizing to Oakwell Farms: Garden home is happy choice for world travelers

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There’s a tiny little cul-de-sac in Oakwell Farms, barely an elbow in the road, where several garden homes sit beneath a multitude of large, shady oaks. It’s obvious that DeeAnn and Skinner Simpson’s home belongs to a gardener because huge baskets of ferns hang from the oaks around their home. The landscape near the front […]

High Voice, High Heels

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At the recent fundraiser for the San Antonio Opera (SAO), a good part of the entertainment was provided by five young women who collectively call themselves Stiletto. They have high voices and high heels, and together they make beautiful sounds. For the occasion, they sang several operatic arias but also veered into other genres by […]