Events are Her Cup of Tea: Janet Holliday

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Janet Holliday says her career began with a turkey — literally. “My grandmother was an awesome cook,” she says, “and one year, we were all gathered around the table at her house for Thanksgiving when the lady who worked for her came out with this big, beautiful turkey with all the trimmings. It was on […]

The Other Front: Military families face different kinds of problems on the homefront

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THE NEEDS OF THE ARMY COMES FIRST Tracy Dufresne’s peaceful neighborhood in north central San Antonio is worlds away from Iraq’s ravaged cityscapes, but Tracy and her 13-year-old son, Alex, have a strong emotional connection to Iraq right now. That’s because Tracy’s husband of 20 years and Alex’s father, Lt. Col. Gary Dufresne, has been […]

Material Girls: The women behind the details that define home design

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It’s the little things that make the overall design scheme of a home work, bringing together elements to create a polished look and making the space more fun and functional. And what could be better than a woman’s touch when designing and dealing with the details? Savvy clients prefer working with experts who have seen […]

Life is Delicious: Veronica Esparza

The facts of Veronica Esparza’s early life didn’t seem to point toward a successful business career. She grew up in Potrero, Mexico, population 400 or so, 60 miles from Monterrey, the nearest city, and had to drop out of school at age 15 “because my mother couldn’t afford to send me any longer,” says Esparza. […]

Glamorous for the Holidays

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How many designers do you know who are handed a house to totally renovate and redecorate? Aguie Medrano of the Home Accessory Company was given that opportunity in 2009 by a family that frequently travels abroad. The four-bedroom house they bought in Deerfield had good lines, but Aguie was tasked with improving its appearance. “We […]