Month: September 2014

Guys To Know: Dirk Elmendorf

Married for seven years, Dirk and his wife, Annie, an amateur triathlete, have two children, and in Dirk’s words, “have happily put down roots in San Antonio.” Though he maintains close ties with Rackspace, Dirk left the company in 2009, ready to take on new challenges. His latest venture, r26D, brought him full circle and back to his startup roots, where he now advises other startups through the difficult and often overwhelming demands of software and business development, an area Dirk knows well. He also runs TruckingOffice, an online application built to manage small trucking companies. Despite his impressive...

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Woman on a Mission: Sheriff Susan Pamerleau

Sheriff Susan Pamerleau guides Sheriff’s Office into the 21st century On July 17, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office held a job fair to attract more women into the law enforcement profession. At the morning gathering at the Region 20 Educational Services Center, where the event was held throughout the day, some 65 potential job applicants collected informational material, listened to speeches and filled out forms, while friendly deputies mingled with them, trying to be helpful. When Sheriff Susan Pamerleau addressed the crowd, she explained that she and her colleagues would talk “about the profession of corrections. It’s not just...

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It’s good to be the boss

Three women find success owning franchised businesses Many women fantasize about leaving the world of 9-to-5 and becoming their own boss. Dreaming and doing are two vastly different things, however, and leaving an established career with a steady income to start from scratch can be scary. The following women bit the bullet and followed their dreams by purchasing and developing franchises in the San Antonio market. Their risks paid off, and they in turn give back to the community through a variety of charitable endeavors. It’s a win-win for these successful franchise owners, their customers and the community they...

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Women in Business: Serving Seniors

Taking care of elderly is a rewarding profession for these women Growing older is a part of life, albeit one that many of us look to with a combination of fear and trepidation. We worry about our health, quality of life, finances and other issues that accompany the golden years. The women in this month’s feature have devoted themselves to alleviating some of those concerns for seniors and their families. Whether it’s providing them with help around the house, assisting them with their specialized medical and dental needs, creating an active community in which they can live or simply...

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Guys to Know – John Melleky CEO, Fiesta San Antonio Commission

San Antonians love Fiesta, but they may not realize how much planning, fundraising and hard work it takes to make the annual fest a fun and successful celebration for all who participate. While the individual events are run by various nonprofit organizations – currently about 100 – it has been the job of the Fiesta San Antonio Commission to oversee, coordinate and promote the entire festival since 1959. Itself a self-supported nonprofit, the Commission is a membership-based entity, governed by a volunteer board. It currently has 1,200 members, including all the Participating Member Organizations or PMOs (the nonprofits that...

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