Month: March 2011

Dr. Kimberly Finder- Putting Your Best Self Forward

When Kimberly Finder, M.D., first decided to become a doctor, her present subspecialty didn’t even exist. While growing up in El Paso, she says, “My grandmother lived with us, and I used to tag along to her doctor visits with my mother or my aunt. I knew that becoming a doctor took a lot of education, but I wanted to help people.” Her mother would joke, “When you grow up, you can either marry a doctor or be one yourself.” Instead, says Finder, “I’m a double-dipper — I did both.” From high school onward, she was determined to become...

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Leaving Wall Street and Wal-Mart Behind

Catherine O’Gorman spent most of her early adult life getting some distance from San Antonio — only to decide that home and her first-ever professional interest were right for her after all. O’Gorman, who graduated from Alamo Heights High School, went on to earn degrees in economics at Harvard and Oxford universities, then worked for one of the largest corporations in the world, where a single pricing decision she made could have an impact worth millions of dollars. After some big decisions and more than a few big moves, she’s now founding president of Bonus Points, a tutoring service...

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Divorced but Working Together: How three couples have handled the situation

Few people do it, but some couples continue to work together after their personal relationship has been dissolved. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it works only for a while. Here is how three enterprising San Antonio couples dealt with their unusual situations. Staying together for the sake of business Every month, thousands of households in the San Antonio area receive a Valpak envelope stuffed full of coupons offering savings on goods and services of all kinds. Chances are everyone can find a coupon in there to help them save a few bucks, whether on dry cleaning, oil changes, remodeling...

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Monte Vista Home Combines Talent, Treasures, and Travel

Historic homes in San Antonio tend to go one of two ways: Their interiors either remain true to their original designs, or they are renovated beyond recognition. Fortunately, Ed and Priscilla Kohutek are preservationists who respect the history of old homes and do their best to maintain the integrity of the original architecture. The couple’s Monte Vista residence, completed in 1921, was designed by Ralph H. Cameron, a prominent San Antonio architect. A beautiful example of Italianate architecture, the home is listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior. Priscilla is...

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Artist, Scholar, Curator: Connie Lowe

Once in a while artist Constance “Connie” Lowe takes a break from her own work to assume the curatorial role. Such was the case recently when she agreed to serve as curator for Magnetic Fields, a show opening March 10 as the Southwest School of Art’s contribution to Contemporary Art Month. It started with a suggestion to exhibit the paintings of Minneapolis-based, German-born artist Barbara Kreft. “I thought they should be seen down here,” says Lowe, who is also a professor at UTSA. “We need to see more paintings in San Antonio, especially by people from elsewhere. But Paula...

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