Month: January 2004

Room at the Top Businesswoman: Katie Harvey

When the San Antonio Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners named Katie Harvey a winner of the 2003 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, the group could not have made a better choice for their Benefactor category.She also was selected as one of six finalists from among 200 nominees for the 2003 Athena Award, designed to recognize outstanding professional and businesswomen and to incorporate them into leadership positions within the chambers of commerce. Harvey is a woman who has racked up a list of achievements that many people pursue for a lifetime with only limited success — and she...

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Of Love and Friendship: A Valentine’s Day Story

it’s a chilly November night in San Antonio, but inside Earl Abel’s Restaurant the atmosphere is warm and jovial. I have joined two married couples, Paul and Phyllis Silber and their good friends John and Amelie Shaw, for dinner. Tonight’s special is fried oysters, and we all order them. Pretty soon, conversation is flowing smoothly — from who did what during the day to politics, police, stolen trucks, health foods, friendship and marriage. That last subject is really why I am here. Paul and Phyllis have been married 57 years, John and Amelie 58. These folks know a thing...

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Return Engagement: Former child actress Mara Posada takes on a new role in the arts

Not long ago, grants manager Mara Posada was sitting in her office at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center when a realization struck her: She and her employer are practically birthday twins.” The Guadalupe and I grew up together,” Posada says with a smile. She’s 25 years old. In the coming year, the West Side arts organization will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Posada may not have been born at the center, but she got there as fast as she could. At age 7, she was taking dance classes at the Guadalupe when her mother heard about a new drama program...

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The Basics of Infertility: What every woman should know

Since the 1960s, we’ve been brought up to believe we have complete control of our procreative powers. Conception can be blocked for years with various drugs, behaviors and accoutrements. What a shock it is when you take away the barriers only to find all systems are not go. The problem? Infertility is the culprit in many cases. If you’ve experienced some challenges in this area, you’re not alone. According to WebMD, infertility problems are diagnosed in one in 10 American couples. The medical definition of infertility is a couple’s inability to become pregnant after one year of sex without...

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Her Mission is Music: Pianist builds bridges of music and friendship

When Anya Grokhovski was five, her mother bundled her up one day, put her on a trolley and took her across town to a piano teacher she had chosen for her. There wasn’t much discussion about it. Her parents, both violinists, had decreed that little Anya would play the piano, and that was that. The trolley ride took place 37 years ago in Moscow, but the grown-up Anya is still playing the piano, albeit seldom in her native city anymore. A resident of San Antonio since 1991, Grokhovski is not only a much admired performer but also the artistic director and moving force behind Musical Bridges Around the World, a nonprofit organization whose name sums up its mission: to expose San Antonio audiences to talented musicians from around the world. She started MBAW six years ago, both because she felt she had something to contribute to her adopted hometown and for purely personal reasons.”I saw that the San Antonio community could benefit from exposure to artists from other cultures, especially European artists,” says Grokhovski, a vivacious brunette with an easy, friendly manner. “Our organization is the only one consistently mixing European, American and Asian talent. It proves that music is truly the international language that rises above politics. Sometimes we don’t like the French, sometimes we don’t like the Russians, but music endures and speaks to all of us....

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