Peggy Eighmy, First Lady, The University of Texas at San Antonio

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Fostering Children to Brighter Futures By Dawn Robinette, Photography by David Teran Most people don’t equate Boston to San Antonio, but to Peggy Eighmy, First Lady of The University of Texas at San Antonio, her hometown and the Alamo City have a lot in common. “I grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There are elements of […]

Fostering: The Joys Outweigh the Hardships


“Mommy calls me her princess, and I’m her special little daughter,” my 3-year-old adopted daughter explained matter of factly one day last week, as her gorgeous brown eyes sparkled and she smiled at my mom. My mom hugged her close, as a tear of thankfulness for her precious little granddaughter slipped down her cheek. My […]

Pet Fostering

There are so many animals who could benefit from a stay in a foster family’s home until they connect with a family who needs them just as much.