Dining: The Hayden

“Cool Kids’ Diner” Meets Old-School Deli in the Heart of Alamo Heights By Janis Turk     “She thinks my meatloaf’s sexy,” I mused as I pulled out of the parking lot of The Hayden, a relatively new diner on Broadway. I’d just enjoyed my first meal there and landed a nice impromptu visit with […]

Nonprofit Spotlight: WINGS

  Ruth M. Gonzales-Medellin Executive Director for WINGS   What is your role at your organization, and what does it entail?   My focus and commitment are to ensure those served are provided immediate access to medical care and to improve health literacy, raising awareness about risk factors and early detection to reduce fear about […]

San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2021

    San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2021 Expanding the Role of Advocates in Cancer Research and Treatment   By Sean M. Wood     Breast cancer advocate Julia Maués has a saying: “Researchers are experts in the science of cancer. Oncologists are experts in treating people with cancer. Patients are experts in living with […]

Detecting Breast Cancer – from Vigilance to Suspicion to Confirmation

    A cornerstone of health consciousness for adult women includes being on the lookout for breast cancer. There’s plenty of evidence that this eternal vigilance is worth it. In fact, early-stage breast cancer that hasn’t spread has a 99% five-year survival rate.    The path from routine screening to suspected cancer to confirmed diagnosis […]

Maintain Good Oral Health for a Healthy Body

Maintain Good Oral Health for a Healthy Body Periodontal disease could be a risk factor for breast cancer and other diseases.   By Rudy Arispe   If you desire to have a healthy body, then you need to have good oral health. The two go hand in hand, advises a doctor of dental surgery at […]