Born to Excel: Whitney Solcher

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By bloodline, upbringing and inclination, Whitney Solcher was born for business. President of San Antonio Capital Management, LLC, an investment firm founded in 2009, she’s the great-granddaughter of the late Walter McAllister, former San Antonio mayor and founder in 1914 of the San Antonio Savings Association (SASA), a savings-and-loan association of which her father, Gerry […]

Women In Law: Women are flocking to careers in law

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Most of us know personally or are familiar with female attorneys, judges, law school professors, law students, clerks and paralegals pursuing successful careers. Women at work in the field of law are certainly not uncommon today — though that’s not always been the case. Just 136 years ago, in 1875, the Wisconsin Supreme Court denied […]

Overcoming Obstacles: 3 women put a difficult past behind for success

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The women you are about to meet in this article changed my life. I once considered myself a godly woman of faith, with a heart for the less fortunate, a strong will, honorable in my intentions and striving to do my part to make this world a better place. But I was wrong. I have […]

In Full Swing: Fotoseptiembre opens the season with multiple exhibits

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The biggest event in September is the Fotoseptiembre USA Festival founded 16 years ago by artists/producers Michael Mehl and Ann Kinzer. It’s a huge, city-wide showcase of photography, from documentary and narrative to all sorts of experimental explorations of the medium and even photo-based multimedia installations. Of special interest this year is a group of […]

An Artful Life in Olmos Park

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A drive through the winding roads of Olmos Park affords glimpses into the diverse architecture of the neighborhood — Tudor mansions, ranch houses, skeletons of old homes undergoing major renovations. Around a bend on one of the dappled streets lie two houses, one of Mediterranean design and the other fashioned along French New Orleans construction. […]