Elm Creek Home is a Family Affair

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The Elm Creek garden home of Dr. Francisco and Graciela Cigarroa is a study in elegance. The large gas lamp by the entry gate hints at the Old World ambience within. Just beyond the gate is a large courtyard of sun and shadows with a fountain that plays its natural music day and night. The […]

Welcoming Your New Employee

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Do you remember how it felt to start a new job? Did you find your “first day” interesting and exciting? Did your boss and your peers try to make you feel comfortable and glad to be there? Or did you experience a “first day” that made you wonder if you’d made a huge mistake accepting […]

Austin: A capital idea for a weekend away

The Texas State Capitol’s sunset red granite dome shimmers pink at sunrise. It’s a glorious September morn in Austin, just 85 miles from the Alamo City, but a world away when it comes to the style, attitude and terrain of this town. Best of all, it feels distant, different and fresh — so Austin is […]

Putting That Extra Sparkle in Your Smile

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So you meet someone and you can’t help noticing their facial features — particularly the eyes and then the mouth. You’ll remember their smile as being pleasant — or perhaps for some rather unsavory teeth, dulled by stains from years of coffee or tea consumption, smoking or maybe some other culprit, like medications. Teeth whitening […]