A Doctor and A Leader: Karen Fields

september october 2007

Dr. Karen Fields’ right arm is in a cast, so she offers her left one in greeting. She is a bit embarrassed to explain how the arm got broken but eventually confesses that she was trying to ride a trikke, the new three-wheel contraption with no pedals that can be, well, tricky to maneuver. This […]

Smart Business: Molding young minds and bodies

0907 UpFront1

Who knew you could make influencing the lives of children into a business? Four area women have done just that by combining their passions and experiences with their ambition and enthusiasm for today’s youth. They have been quietly, diligently going about the business of helping youngsters connect with their creativity, build their bodies and acquire […]

Dos Sueños : Two dreams become one fabulous Hill Country residence

0907 Environments1

This is a story about a house that was a dream. A dream born of travels to sunny Spain, lingering hours spent in the Alhambra and countless hours studying Moorish architecture. It is a story about Al Aguilar and Gisela Girard, a couple with the creative drive to build a home that reflects not only […]