The TV Host: Who turns into a taxi


Five mornings a week she is the anchor of the News 4 WOAI Today show and host of the station’s San Antonio Living, this city’s No. 1 lifestyle program for women. “Then, in the afternoons, I turn into a taxi,” she jokes. That’s when she becomes just “Mommy” to her two daughters: Tabitha, 5, and […]

Folklore and A Lot More: Belinda Menchaca


On most nights, Belinda Menchaca can be found in the dance studio at the Institute of Mexico, where she conducts rehearsals of the Guadalupe Dance Company. It’s a handsome space, with the right kind of floor, mirrored walls and a lot of room for dancers to practice their moves. Even though the company — as […]

Record Time: A singer since childhood, Rebecca Valadez


Rebecca Valadez inspects her freshly manicured, pale-pink fingernails with a frown. “My mom said I had to get them done,” she says. “This is just going to chip off when I play the guitar.” It’s just one of many contradictions in her career, which she’s talking about in a North Side coffeehouse, days before leaving […]