D.A. Susan Reed: A Woman with Convictions

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Susan Reed, the first woman elected district attorney in the history of Bexar County, repeatedly has been ready to jump on difficult cases in a flash. Impossible ones may take her a little bit longer but not much. An example of the latter is a case that dates back to the early days of her […]

Madame President: Four San Antonio colleges are run by women

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Today, many women find themselves in leadership positions in education, but they are still a minority among college presidents. According to the American Council on Education, only 21 percent of four-year colleges and universities are headed by women, and the number is only slightly higher, 27 percent, for community colleges. San Antonio has surpassed the […]

Raising the Bar: Women lawyers have won their case

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If you watch television or the movies, women lawyers seem to be cut from the same cloth: Young, pretty, idealistic assistant district attorneys who want to save the world on shows like Law & Order; sexy lawyers in slinky clothes, martinis in hand, dancing the night away on Ally McBeal; or cute, winsome characters like […]

Screening Messages: Professor tracks the impact of media on political decisions

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During this election cycle, we’ve heard about a lot of different subspecies of voters: security moms (most concerned about terrorism), NASCAR dads (this year’s counterpart to soccer moms) and iPod voters (youthful and techno-savvy). Political scientist Amy Jasperson thinks the media might pay more attention to another group, big enough to swing the outcome any […]

From the Grind to Glamour: Surviving holiday festivities beautifully

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Tis the season for family and friends, shopping and wrapping, cooking and, yes, eating, and all the other activities that fill up the months of November and December. There will be kids’ school programs, church functions, volunteer activities, office parties, neighborhood open houses and countless other events to attend. And, of course, these will all […]