A New life in America

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All-on-6” may sound vaguely like something you could hear in Vegas, but it’s a phrase San Antonio dentist Dr. Li Luo Skelton loves and uses often. And it has nothing to do with gambling. The term describes a dental reconstruction procedure that uses six titanium implants to serve as anchors for a permanent porcelain denture. […]

Downtown Living

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In an effort to make downtown more attractive to locals, Mayor Julián Castro made “The Decade of Downtown” an integral part of his SA 2020 vision. Though other major cities are well ahead of San Antonio when it comes to urban revitalization, we have nevertheless seen new residential buildings go up around downtown, and there […]

Juggling Among the Palm Trees & Roses

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Marisa Ayala Age: 34, “but I feel like I’m still in my 20s” Occupation: Special events coordinator, San Antonio Botanical Garden Personal: Single; extended family in San Antonio; would love to have a dog “but not until I can do it right” Goals: “Never stop learning, but to feel like I’m always moving forward in […]

San Antonio’s First Lady of Jazz

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In her previous albums, Bett Butler told poignant musical stories that sprang from her own heart and mind. But for her newest release, American Sampler, San Antonio’s first lady of jazz chose very different material. Working with her husband, bassist and producer Joël Dilley, she revisited what is often called the Great American Songbook that […]

Perry’s Steakhouse Comes to Town

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If you don’t mind clambering up to a seat at a high banquette (somehow designers never seem to get these things proportionally correct; it’s really annoying not to have one’s feet touch terra firma — or something firma — when seated) and have a tolerance for an often-exuberant pianist/vocalist, then a seat in Perry’s bar […]