Anna Maria Chávez – New Ways to be a Girl Scout

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There’s a lot more to Girl Scouts than camping, crafts and cookies, says Anna Maria Chávez, chief executive officer of Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas. Though she is often asked if Girl Scouts still make sit-upons (homemade cushions) and cook coffee-can casserole — yes to both — she would rather talk about what’s new with […]

Flying High: Flight attendants tell why they love their jobs

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There was a time when being an air hostess was considered a glamorous temporary job for the young and beautiful. But things have changed. Though flight attendants must still pay attention to their grooming, today many women and a smaller number of men make it a lifetime career. We talked to three capable San Antonians […]

Casa de Colores

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The world is not black and white for Veronica Prida and Omar Rodríguez. Pulsing vibrantly with the colors of Mexican folk art, Mother Nature and personal exuberance, their Alamo Heights home displays the couple’s love of art, textiles and living. It’s like a constant casa fiesta. Once you cross their threshold, you’ll never look at […]

A Passion for Flamenco

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When I arrive at the Entre Flamenco new digs on Bandera Road, Estefania Ramirez proudly offers to give me a tour. At least twice the size of the company’s former quarters, the place is handsomely set up, with two actual studios, men’s and women’s dressing rooms, supporting facilities and even a stage, complete with curtain […]

Remembering Don Strange of Texas

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Showman. Innovator. Entrepreneur. And as humble and down-to-earth as they come. Don Strange became a legend in catering, and by his side, throughout it all, was Don’s wife of 48 years, Frances. And though Frances and many friends and clients kept telling Don he should write a book about his life, he was always too […]