With An Italian Accent: Luciano at the Strand updates the classics

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Luciano at the Strand opened in the handsomely but minimally renovated space previously occupied by the ambitious and muchappreciated Gladys, with a gambit that was a gamble: Take Italian cuisine, subject it to the sensibilities of a credentialed Southwestern chef, and present it to an unsuspecting public. Talented chef Jesse Perez, formerly of Francesca’s at […]

More About Gender Differences

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In the January/February edition of SAN ANTONIO WOMAN, I followed up on a 2003 article on gender differences — a topic too large to address in a single column. In the most recent article I cited two new books, both titled The Female Brain. The first was written by Cynthia Darlington, a British author, and […]

How Inviting is Your Reception Area?

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We all know that first impressions count for a lot. That’s why an astute businessperson or professional will pay close attention to her wardrobe, grooming and overall appearance. But what about your place of business? As soon as someone walks through the door, it’s the reception area that will give that important first impression. What […]

What Can Be Done About Hair Loss?


Good things come in threes, it’s said, and so does hair. It occurs in three layers and three growth cycles. Hair’s a special form of protein called keratin, which also constitutes the nails on our toes and fingers. Its outer layer is called the cuticle, and it protects the middle layer called the cortex, the […]