A Lady with Clout: Expert fund-raiser Joci Straus to head United Way Campaign

march april 2004

For years, Joci Straus was the sole woman on the executive committee that governs United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County. Long recognized as a community activist and fund-raising dynamo, Straus was happy to be there, of course, but she eventually began to wonder why her committee colleagues were all men. Shouldn’t an organization […]

Looking for Love: These couples found it on the internet

upfront art2

We can now say, without million-dollar research to support the assertion, that times have officially changed. The Web is today’s village matchmaker. It has supplanted your Aunt Helen in Topeka, well-meaning clergy and hundreds of years of tradition. True love, or at least dinner and a movie, can now be attained by searching, googling and […]

Women by the Numbers: Counting the advantages of the accounting profession

women 2

The story goes that when a CPA hears, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways,” he or she is more interested in the counting than the ways. This may have been true of the older generation of accountants, but not of today’s female counterparts. They’re interested in both!Take the four women presented […]

Watercolor Comes of Age: Artists to exhibit their works all over town

art art1

For those who still associate watercolors with soft images of landscapes and flower vases, a stroll through a contemporary watercolor show may be an eye opener. Just about every style and theme is likely to be represented, from realistic still lifes to bold abstractions, surrealistic flights of fancy, gritty portraits, collages and all sorts of […]