Kymberly Rapier: The Joy of Generosity

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Philanthropist Kymberly Rapier is conflicted: She wants to encourage others to give, but she isn’t comfortable talking about herself. “I wasn’t brought up to brag,” she says. Inside and out, her house — built around the turn of the last century for a West Texas cattle king — speaks for her. A onetime formal parlor […]

Women in Finance: Could more diversity have prevented the Wall Street meltdown?

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What if women ran Wall Street? Could the financial meltdown that was precipitated by aggressive, greedy risk-takers have been avoided? Not only those who caused it, but also those in the government who were trying to fix it were, in almost all cases, men. What happened at Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, AIG and Lehman Brothers […]

Hot Summer – Cool Art

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The best way to escape the heat and have some fun at the same time is to sample some of the cool arts offerings around town. Literally cool, as in air-conditioned, and cool-exciting, cool-wonderful, cool-cool … you get the idea. Music and dance While most arts organizations take a break or lighten up their schedules […]

Sandbar Fish House & Market

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previous downtown location, Sandbar was much like a pilot fish in its symbiotic relationship to a shark — in this case, the larger and more laureled Le Rêve. Though it may have been a destination for many, it was equally likely to have been a fallback for those not able to get a last-minute reservation […]