From Fat to Thin: Yes, it’s possible to lose weight and keep it off

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It seems that just about everybody wants to lose weight but, sadly, few succeed. Yet experts tell us that, as a nation, we must slim down or suffer all sorts of unpleasant consequences, such as poor health, impaired mobility and even shorter life spans. To be sure, slimming down is not easy, but it’s hardly […]

Influential Physicians: Women Doctors who are making a difference

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Over the years women have influenced and enhanced the practice of medicine, though there was a time when women doctors were a rarity. Today half of the students enrolled in medical schools are women. As the number of women physicians continues to grow, so does their level of influence in the communities in which they […]

The Literary Connection

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One thing that keeps coming up in conversation with Gemini Ink’s director, Rosemary Catacalos, is her concern for the community. Whether she is talking about personal memories or the goals of the literary center she’s led for the past four years, her love for San Antonio shines through. This is her home, she says, the […]

Hill Country Haven

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Deerbrook Farm is a love story, straight out of the True Romance series. It’s about a young girl named Betsy Skillin, born in New York City and raised in Europe, who met Tom O’Connell, an American soldier, on a train traveling from Frankfurt to Paris. She was 14, and he was 20. Their chance meeting […]

Fig Tree Restaurant

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really like it when locals come,” offered our garrulous waiter/real estate broker about midway through a very pleasant dinner on Fig Tree’s dramatic, terraced patio. “The tourists we’ll never see again, but we know you might come back.” For the setting alone — perhaps the best on the River Walk — we might just do […]