Special Moms: When a child has special needs, moms rise to the occasion and then some

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Among unexpected challenges that test our mettle, having a child with a serious disability must be one of the most difficult. Yet many people deal with this challenge daily. Though there are resources and professionals in the community who can help, it’s often the mother who shoulders the lion’s share of the responsibilities. The three […]

Animal Attraction: Women apply caring and compassion to veterinary medicine

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A love of animals draws many women to the field of veterinary medicine. After all, compassion and intuition — two traits women are believed to have in abundance — have strong currency in the animal kingdom. Surprisingly, women in Texas entered veterinary medicine decades later than they penetrated other male-dominated professions. Texas A&M University houses […]

The Witte Grows Up

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Marise McDermott remembers bringing her children to the Witte back in 1986, when her son James was 4 and daughter Julia was still in a stroller. “There was a fabulous dinosaur exhibit we all loved” says McDermott, who is today the Witte’s president and CEO. “A little later there was another one on animal senses, […]

A Work in Progress: Alamo Heights home grows, changes with family

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The Alamo Heights home of Carol and Ed Kopplow, designed by architect Fred Buenz, was built in the early 1940s. It seems, however, that the home has been a work in progress since they purchased it more than 30 years ago. The reason is simple. Needs changed as their once young children transitioned to adulthood, […]