Lüke Brings New Orleans to the River Walk

0212 Dining

To denizens of the Crescent City, chef John Besh must be the culinary equivalent of one of Japan’s National Treasures. Not only does he have several successful restaurants, but he has just come out with a second cookbook and is a frequent apostle of New Orleans (and just plain good) cooking on shows such as […]

She Tells Visual Stories

0212 Artbeat1

A big part of Bernice Appelin-Williams’ artistic endeavor consists of collecting all sorts of odd objects, from old sepia photos of African-American women to shells, shoes, discarded TV lenses, lace, glasses, beads, sewing machine drawers and much more. ”That’s why I have a truck,” says the artist with a chuckle. “Wherever I go and see […]

Mending a broken relationship with your child

0212 MommyMatters

With the start of a new year, many of us search for ways to make necessary changes in our lives. We write out our resolutions, make plans to join a gym and get fit, swear off cigarettes and processed food and set goals for weight loss or finding a new job. A New Year = […]

Enjoy these beauty breakthroughs

0212 beauty

When you’re a large, successful cosmetic company, your research department is constantly trying to develop new products. Well, here are just a few interesting examples of new products in the beauty world: 1. Elure Advanced Skin Lightening System (lotion and night cream) Formerly, skin lightening formulas attempted to reduce dark spots by blocking production of […]