Georgian Grandeur: Family leaves Manhattan for San Antonio

georgian grandeur

The owners of one of San Antonio’s grandest estates in a long-established suburb bid adieu several years ago to the excitement of an urban Manhattan lifestyle. With the arrival of their first child, they sought a more conventional way of life than the hustle and bustle New York City offered. “I am from Austin,” says […]

Cappy’s – In Top Form: New polish for contemporary cuisine

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Cappy Lawton has long been a pioneer of contemporary cuisine in San Antonio — perhaps the pioneer, if we really think about it. Though he’s flirted with formats as diverse as EZ’s and the old, legendary Quarter House, and has lately taken a turn south of the border at Cappy’s La Fonda, it’s at Cappy’s […]

Small Changes Big Results: Jump-starting you and your business for the New year


As you are wrapping up 2003, no doubt you’re also beginning to contemplate some business goals for 2004. But before you get too far into your business or career planning, take a step back and reassess your own professional foundation — those personal habits and behaviors that can either make you a success or sabotage […]

Choosing A Mate: Use your head as well as your heart

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Valentine’s Day, the day we celebrate romantic love, is almost here. “Falling” in love is such a dangerous thing to do. Yet that is how most of us choose our mates. We follow our hearts and fall in love. Later, we wonder what happened to the magic. Why didn’t we see it was just an […]

Aromatherapy: Grandmother, spas, and herbal medicine come together

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When I was a kid, my grandmother had a home remedy for just about everything. Some of them were less than appealing – like cabbage water to clear up blemished skin. But others were comforting and effective. Vicks® Vaporub (a commercial concoction featuring menthol and camphor in a petrolatum base) was a staple in her […]