No Limits : Marta Peláez

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As a teenager, Marta Prada Peláez found herself in foreign territory. Leaving her family”s home in bustling Bogotá, Colombia, she was to continue her education under the careful watch of nuns at a convent school off the map in a tiny Minnesota town not far from the Canadian border. Culture shock was something of an […]

Art Advocates Extraordinaire

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The Artist Foundation (AF) of San Antonio may be barely three years old, but it has already attracted an impressive following. In February, at its second annual fundraising event, dubbed the ArtBall, some 500 dressed-up partygoers descended on Municipal Auditorium to eat, applaud and spend money, all to show their support for the not-so-fledgling organization. […]

Ruth’s Chris: Beef reigns here, but crabmeat and veal are exemplary

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first thing that hits one at Ruth’s Chris (after dealing with the valet parking) is the aroma: It’s all beef and butter, and it’s fantastic. Sensory evaluation number two: the noise level— It’s the comforting buzz of a well-oiled machine, just loud enough to convey hospitality, not so loud as to make carrying on a […]