Maven of Manners: Diane Gottsman

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As I prepared for my interview with Diane Gottsman, the founder and director of The Protocol School of Texas, my mind started whirring. Earlier that morning she had changed our meeting from a coffee locale to breakfast at a restaurant. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but as I made my nest […]

Brick and Bronze: Donna Dobberfuhl’s sculptures

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Saint Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church on Thousand Oaks Drive is one of those contemporary temples designed to appeal to a minimalist’s taste in décor and atmosphere. There are no paintings or statues in nooks and crannies along the walls, no fancy columns to pull your eye heavenward — it’s a simple, open space. But […]

A Child of Their Own

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Adoption is certainly not a new thing, but like everything else in our society, it has undergone changes in the last couple of decades. Babies are no longer adopted under an ironclad cloak of secrecy, international placements are common, and singles have joined the ranks of adoptive parents. Below are the heartwarming stories of four […]

Women Shift Into High Gear

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Automobiles have been a male-inspired industry dating back to 1769, when the first selfpropelled mechanical vehicle was designed by French inventor Nicolas- Joseph Cugnot. (Some dispute who was first to create a motorcar.) But any way you look at it, men have consistently dominated the space. Even songs about cars have been primarily written and […]

A Monte Vista Showcase

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It takes a special talent to look at an old house and see possibilities. The Monte Vista neighborhood, one of the largest and oldest historical districts in the United States, has its share of beautiful renovations. Here and there, though, there are structures whose inhabitants appear to lack the imagination or the drive to breathe […]