Paesano’s: Food and Wine are elevated at new location on 1604

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can’t be easy being an icon. Yet it seems that Joe Cosniac, who, along with then partner, Nick Pacelli, opened Paesano’s in the post-HemisFair culinary frenzy of the early 70’s (a time that also brought us Crumpets’ Francois Maeder), has been a fixture from the get-go. The closing of his early outpost on McCullough is […]

Professionals: Asking for -and getting- Referrals

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Professionals agree that the best way to get business is by referral. When someone personally recommends you, it means not only that she thinks you are competent at what you do but, more important, that she knows, trusts and likes you. Getting a call saying “so-and-so referred me” means that the “sale” of your services […]

Beauty and Health: The Basics

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Want to look and feel your best? Follow a plan of good eating habits, skin care treatment and exercise, and your whole body will thank you. First, eat right That’s nothing new, really. We all know about the basic food pyramid — fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat/protein and dairy products. But does the new pyramid […]