Spas: Not Just For Mrs. Santa Anymore


In an unguarded moment 10 years ago, a curmudgeonly editor at the San Antonio Express-News admitted he had exfoliated with his wife. He embodied the machismo for which men in the Lone Star State are known, and cleansing pores is hardly something you’d visualize cowboys doing by a campfire. Then, earlier this year, in a […]

First Responders: Women play crucial roles in caring for evacuees


Hurricane season has hit the Gulf Coast especially hard this year. In the aftermath of Katrina, hundreds of thousands of newly homeless people streamed into Texas, with some 13,000 finding refuge in San Antonio. It took enormous effort and good organization to transport, shelter, feed and generally care for that many displaced people, but our […]

Taking Vintage Home


One might say it took a family to give the home of Cathy and Robin Chesser and their five children the abundance of creative energy that lies within their quaint and picturesque new home — a home resembling the late 19th-century houses one finds in San Antonio’s King William Historic District or the vintage German […]

Top of the Food Chain: Women who rule the restaurant roost

1105 career1

Women are typically associated with feeding the family at home. But feeding people professionally as the owner of a restaurant? That’s apparently a different story. San Antonio’s role as a hospitality and tourism mecca — coupled with a love of eating — makes restaurants a popular choice for anyone wanting to own a business. In […]

Playing with Fire: Marcia Dahlman

1105 art

Art aficionados who flock to the Blue Star Arts Complex on big opening nights are always pleasantly surprised when they pass by the Marcia Dahlman Pottery. Even if they don’t step inside to look at the eyecatching jars and wall pieces, they can’t help being attracted to the graceful little fountains that gurgle ever so […]