Life in the Spotlight: Actresses talk about the acting life in San Antonio

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There’s no business like show business, says the famous song, and few devotees would disagree. The hours are bad, the money scarce and the competition tough, but the thrill of being in the spotlight overshadows everything else. Thanks to many talented folks who feel this way, local stages are alive year-round with musicals, comedies, drama, […]

Retiring in Style: Warm colors, classic furnishings enhance condominium

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If I wake up in the morning and see wonderful color, I know I am going to have a good day,” declares the owner of a recently renovated condominium in an elegant near-urban high-rise residential building. A tour of her contemporary home confirms that spectacular color is integral to her décor and to her lifestyle.    […]

Taking Care of Business


For millions, self-employment is a part of the American dream. The satisfaction of being your own boss, answering to no one and forging your own path in the world, is reminiscent of the independent spirit that has marked American life since the country was new. As modern-day pioneers, small business owners put their dreams on […]

Introducing Yoga

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Your mother always taught you that real beauty comes from the inside. It turns out she was right — in more ways than even she knew. While mom clearly meant the inner person, the inner person can actually have an impact on physical appearance. Good health, a balanced life, what you eat, and a positive […]