Month: July 2014

Architect Madeline Anz Slay: On Buildings and Relationships

Early for my appointment with architect Madeline Anz Slay, I kill some time by driving around the Balcones Heights neighborhood where both her office and home are located. It’s an older, leafy area that was incorporated as a municipality in 1948. On Altgelt Avenue, Slay Architecture shares a picturesque building with Slay Engineering operated by Madeline’s husband, Michael Slay. Quaint benches are positioned against the low front wall, and the entrance door is a heavy, handcrafted affair that challenges your arm muscles. “This was Balcones Heights’ city hall,” explains Anz Slay after greeting me inside and taking me on...

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Gals with Guns

These San Antonio women are at home on the range A retired Air Force colonel, a Bexar County court judge, and a stay-at-home mom are just a few San Antonio women who are up in arms — literally. These women, who on the surface may not seem to have much in common, share an intense love of shooting for sport. What’s the attraction? For some it’s about the competition. For others, it’s the time spent with family. But whether they prefer game, trap-or skeet, the one thing they all agree on is that there is a camaraderie that exists...

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Women in Business: The Case for Female Lawyers

Four caring counselors who prove law knows no gender Consider this piece of evidence: According to the American Bar Association, nearly half of all law school graduates are women. So why is there still a fair amount of deliberation as to whether or not female attorneys can be as “tough” as their male counterparts? Let the record reflect that not only are female lawyers strong, they are able to combine that strength with an innate ability to nurture. Many, like the women featured here, enter into the profession with their sights set on more than winning cases (although they...

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Role Model: Sylvia Cardona

Education propels “Valley Kid” to legal career For attorney Sylvia Cardona, the idea to pursue her profession came in an envelope addressed to her father. “He got one of those class-action notices in the mail,” she remembers. “Having had little education and with Spanish as his first language, he asked me to review it. He had never run into anything legal before.” Still in high school, she called the 800 number listed and relayed the information to her father. “It piqued my interest in the law,” says Cardona, who grew up in Edinburg, a self-described “Valley kid.” During college...

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Guys to Know: Joseph Perry, DDS

Bringing smiles back to San Antonio Dr. Joseph Perry is modest, but his patients tend to brag about his work and smile whenever his name is mentioned. That’s because of all that this friendly San Antonio dentist and denture expert has done for their smiles — and their lives. With a focus on dentures, dental implants and dental solutions for more than 25 years, Dr. Perry, who has practiced dentistry over 30 years, delights in improving his patients’ lives. Many tell him that they never dreamed that chewing food and wearing dentures could seem natural and comfortable and that...

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